what is the hierarchical overview tool?
the hierarchical overview tool is a non-networked, hierarchical version of the social serial learning tool Memini. almost every system or body of knowledge can be presented hierarchically. generating such a hierarchy can be an insightful learning process, with equally valuable results for rehearsal or reference.

based on your input file, the hierarchical overview tool generates a hierarchy with collapsable descriptions, extending the hierarchy's strength as a simple overview with the advantages of integrated on-demand clarification. you can use your browser's save function to save the generated pages to your harddrive. click here for a partial example.

please upload a source file. this file will be parsed directly, and will not be stored on the server.

required file structure
the parser requires a plain text file and bases the hierarchical structure on the following elements: tabs, colons and linebreaks. these are to be used in the file as follows.

title: description line 1   description line 2
	title: description
		title: [i]description[/i]
the number of tabs preceding its title determines an item's depth in the hierarchy. the first colon encountered is interpreted as the deliminator separating the title from the description. there is no escape character. to add a linebreak as part of a description block, insert three spaces in a row. a linebreak in the file is interpreted to denote the end of an item. note that a description is optional, but the colon is not. empty lines are ignored. bbcode b, u, i, img and simple lists are supported. click here for the above-mentioned example's source file.

list of pregenerated hierarchies by topic
presently, no reference hierarchies are online. please feel free to share your own by uploading them here.